Thursday, March 11, 2010

Identity Crisis

I just got a new job and they wanted to know my full legal name so I told them, the one that is on my passport, which is the same one that I was given at birth. I prefer to use a shorter name on my business cards, taxes, and driver's license because I have a long name, but in this case they were insistent that I use my full legal name. So I figure this means the name on my passport, but they tell me to call the county where I got married and ask them what is on my marriage certificate. Turns out that I put my shorter name on it. Well I guess I inadvertantly changed my name and the ironic thing is, I didn't change it to my husband's name, I just changed it to a different version of my own.

Wonder if I will be able to go on my honeymoon with my passport? Ugh.