Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love cake

I have begun the great experiment. I made red velvet cupcakes (Cook's Illustrated) with vanilla buttercream. Cupcakes overdone and overfilled and frosting too buttery. Tonight I made the Joy of Cooking Basic Layer Cake with buttermilk and a made up my own icing with butter, sugar, and orange extract. Pretty good. Not overfilled, not overcooked, but not quite as good as Cake Love's orange cupcake that I had and fell in love with last weeked. So I better do some research on the frosting but I think I found the perfect cake.

And if I decide to go cake over cupcake. This is what it will look like. I think I could do this. It doesn't look that difficult to get the frosting to do that. I won't even try the flowers. But where can I get the right cake pans?

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