Monday, May 11, 2009

My Friends are Like Tea Cups - Great Shower Idea

I just returned to the West Coast for a temporary work assignment and it's great timing since the wedding will take place on this coast. My girlfriends and I got together for an early celebration--a sophisticated bachelorette party if you will in Sonoma County. It was D-I-V-I-N-E. I highly recommend it for any bride who is getting tired of all of the wedding planning details.

My sister reminded me that it's a wonderful thing when you have a lot of good girlfriends when you are getting married and throughout your marriage. You need them.

My girlfriends each brought me a vintage tea cup and saucer. It not only made for a wonderful addition to my currently very small trousseau but it was so neat to see which cups and saucers each friend brought. They were all different patterns; although many had turquoise and golds in them, which are incidentally two of my favorite colors. But even in their diversity, they all went together nicely and are definitely more interesting than if I had a whole set of just one pattern. Just like my friends. Thanks girls.

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