Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am married. What now?

Not in a hurry for the next big thing, but I am thinking about what I can offer those other budget brides you have yet to march forth.

A couple of ideas:

  1. made my own cake - approx $250 in savings, was able to get the exact flavor I wanted and only use good local ingredients, was also a big hit with the inlaws because I used their family recipe
  2. caught our own fish - we went on a guided salmon trip the week before the wedding and were able to catch enough fish for the entire wedding, made for a great story and locally and sustainably caught fish
  3. had mom do flowers - bought flowers at farmers market by placing an order, then mom, grandma, and aunties did flower arrangements and bouquets on-site that morning, savings of approx $250
  4. had friend cook fish - if you can talk a chef friend into doing this it can ensure that you get your hard caught fish the way you want it. Not every caterer can ensure that. It also gives your friend a duty of honor at the wedding, though this can turn into a duty of anxiety and sweat if you have a lot of backseat cooks
  5. had a bunch of our guests camp together and paid for group campsite - saved number of hotel rooms that they took up and left more for family who wouldn't have camped, and was fun
  6. have friend design invitation and another friend design other stuff like wedding program and thank you notes - you could have one friend do it all, but you might wear them out, afterall, they are providing a service to you and you may not be paying for it. I saved a lot of money this way, approx $250 on invitation and $100 on program and thank yous. I also took care of the printing myself through my own contacts so I could pick out all of the paper and stuff myself
  7. have a friend or friends be your photographer - buy them a plane ticket to the wedding, or provide them with lodging and a rental car, or something to entice them to offer this service, but be sure to make them feel as if they are a guest and not a worker. You will want to have other people photograph too because your photog can't be everywhere and can't be expected not to drink and have fun all night long, approx savings $1000-$2000
  8. more to come

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