Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Better Late Than Never: The Obama's RSVP

More than six months after my wedding and eight months since I sent my invitations, the POTUS and FLOTUS (President and First Lady of the United States) have sent me a response to my wedding invitation. The could not attend but wish us many good wishes.

I admit after reading that I could send an invitation to my almost neighors, Mr. and Mrs. President, I was pretty excited to think that someone in the White House might open my carefully designed and executed wedding invitation, afterall it was a silk-screened bandana map of Oregon and a letter press info card. I couldn't actually imagine them going to my wedding website and filling out the electronic RSVP, but I held out hope until my wedding that they might send at least a form letter that I could relish and paste into my wedding guestbook.

Time passed by. I revisited Emily Post to see if this really was protocol. I waited some more. And then after I had changed my address at least two times and moved from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again, my mom called me and told me she had picked up some old mail at the house I lived in leading up to the wedding and ............ there it was.

I received a hand addressed envelope from the White House. Enclosed was a third sheet sized notecard with the White House seal and an stamped signature of Barack and Michelle wishing us a happy marriage. So small and conventional and yet still very symbolic and pleasing--but I do work for the man after all.

For now it's going on the mantle for all to see.

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