Thursday, July 22, 2010

BF Bride

This weekend is my best friend's wedding. Sounds like the first line of a movie script, no?

No wedding party made picking out the dress a bit more difficult. I had to do it for myself and I didn't plan well. My idea of finding out if my dress or outfit was suitable consisted of the salesman taking pictures of me in my different looks with my iPhone and texting it to her. Needless to say, fiber optics adds at least five pounds but that was before I got my spray tan, haircut, and nails polished. The only things I wasn't able to squeeze in in the 24-hours before we get on the plane to head to the destination were a good push-up bra to make the girls a tad more perky and a bikini wax. Oh well, I think she will like the outfit if I can just find a push-up bra between here and Pebble Beach.

I was able to find a cool pair of shoes for the rehearsal dinner that she'll be thrilled with. My shoes for the wedding lack a certain je ne se pas but Mom came through with some cool vintage gold shoes she picked up years ago at a garage sale for $2.95. Take that everyone else who spent $500 on Manolo's. I should be able to make it through the ceremony at least before my feet pop out of them. The things we do for fashion.

Anyhow, husband is also very excited. Since all of our real stuff is in the moving trucks still our efforts to meet the black tie dress code have to be a little understated. We got him a new black suit and he is wearing it with an orange and white checked shirt , black tie, and black Converse Chuck Taylors. If he stands out we'll just say he's in the band.

My dress is cocktail length so I think I technically will be underdressed but does she really think I would wear a gown? We'll assume that she meant it when she said that gowns were not necessary.

Should be a good time. I can't believe my little BF is getting married. She managed to hire some wedding helpers that essentially took care of everything. My only tasks were picking up her shoes tonight that she left behind after she flew off to the destination, collecting pictures of cakes in the shape of nested boxes and long beachy wedding hair. Boy did I get off easy.

Cheers to BF and her FH.

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