Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can I bake my cake and eat it too?

I am a pretty good baker. I just read the wedding cake how-to in The Joy of Cooking and it doesn't really seem that difficult. Plus I have a year to practice. My friends will love me at first--all that tasting, and then they will hate me--all that tasting. I won't pretend to think that I can decorate it to look like this. Lord knows I don't have a steady hand, good penmanship, or the patience for that kind of detail but I could decorate it simply with plain frosting and then add fresh flowers to it and my family's tradition of the cake topper that came from Grandma's wedding cake.

Just think of all the money I will save. I am just not sure about cupcakes. I thought cupcakes were a way to save money, but they still cost $2-$3 a piece. If I am going cupcake then I am going to do them myself. So why not try the cake?

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Anna said...

My thoughts on cake(s): Design a cutting cake: something very lovely but small and then have matching cupcakes and ask your friends/family to make them. I saw a cupcake holder at Crate & Barrel and I think about it a lot so I should just get it or several if you go that way. All the ladies in the family could have one.

What kind of cake and frosting do you two want?