Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oregon Coast Take 2 - Sons of Norway

Well because I couldn't sleep until I knew whether or not this coastal possibility was actually cool or not, my friend N., who lives at the Oregon Coast drove up yesterday to take a look and snap some photos. The view is great and it would be just a short drive to my aunt's house where we could have the ceremony. This is a Sons of Norway Hall in Gearhart, Oregon for all those other Oregon brides who are wondering if the Sand Trap is the only event facility in Gearhart.

After much detective work we figured out that it's a really good deal and there is a good view but they have next to no provisions and so we would have to rent a ton of stuff (tables, linens, chairs, cutlery, dishes, glasses, a tent). Not exactly dreamy since Portland is 67 miles away and I couldn't find any caterers that I was interested in at the beach today, and you know I need instant gratification. The other thing that didn't make this place ideal was that even though we coud have the ceremony at my aunt's, right on the estuary, we wouldn't have been able to have a bicycle processional or wedding parade over to the location without going all the way (1 mile) out to the highway, which made the whole thing lose some appeal. I was imagining cycling, in my dress, next to FH, followed by guests on bikes to the reception.

This is still a great spot and if I had a caterer in the family, would be more inclined. Thanks again to said friend for the help. I am going to link to the one and only wedding photos that I found that took place here.

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