Thursday, November 20, 2008

The First 2 Locations We Checked Out

I am having second thoughts again. Camp Westwind is really neat. I have now been in touch with a couple that was married there and they have answered all of the other questions, that I was afraid to ask the site person. Two weeks ago we were sure that this summer camp was the right place. It's only accesible by boat and it's totally green (us) and besides the fact that it would be like being on Gilligan's island for a couple of days, and it costs $3,000 per night, we were about to commit. But then, I had a vision, which is what I have to have for me to get in to something. I had a vision that Maupin, Oregon in the high desert might be more are thing and a lot less stressful as in, our guests could stay anywhere they want and we don't have to pay for it (not so at the camp).

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