Monday, December 8, 2008

Do the Bustle

I waited in line at one of those sample sales. I was sure I wouldn't find a dress that I loved and could afford. I wasn't even ready to throw down $1000 that day, but low and behold they had the dress of my dreams...... almost. Wrong fabric but same dress. Carolina Herrara for $1500 and I walked. I walked all over Tyson's Galleria, through Nicole Miller, through Macy's bridal, and all the way to Sak's where they had the dress of my dreams for a mere $5000. How could Carolina do this to me? It's perfect but for the price tag.

I love bustles. Christine knows, not just the little kind but the big boufant ones. Bring on the bustles. Bustles... not just for the reception anymore.

Martha Stewart Weddings (Satoko and Alex). They did some pretty cool stuff. Don't mind if I borrow some ideas.

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Shirley said...

Nice post.!! Well, I got married few month back and got a beautiful wedding dress from Macy's at very genuine price.