Monday, December 8, 2008

Le Menu

My site coordinator sent me some suggested menus. I couldn't help myself and made some edits. I hope they can accommodate. What do you think? Too complicated for a buffet?

I hate to give it away to any of my guests who might be reading this.

Beer, wine, lemonade and sweet tea


Imperial Stock Ranch mini lamb burgers with Summer’s sweet pickle relish (could also have some sort of mini vegetarian burger?)

vegetable crudite with some sort of dip or hummus Display

Smoked Pacific Salmon and
Oregon cheese (including goat cheese/sheep cheese/cow cheese) selection and artisan breads and crackers Display

Buffet Dinner

some sort of seasonal green Salad w/ an Oregon lavendar honey Vinaigrette

Pacific Northwest Artisan Bread


Imperial Stock Ranch Roasted Leg of Lamb w/ Hood River D’anjou Pear Chutney or fresh mint sauce

Pan Seared Wild Coho Salmon served with Lemon Beurre Blanc (or a sauce that could also be used on the lamb, to make it easier)

(Is it possible for any vegetarians to get a stuffed Portobello steak with the same sauce as the lamb, upon request?, I wouldn’t put this on the buffet, but I would let them know to ask the server. We will likely have at least 10 complete vegetarians)

Vegetable and Starch
Wild Rice Pilaf or roasted red potatoes (preferably from Oregon)

Sautéed Green Beans with Garlic & Chanterelle Mushrooms
Or Locally Grown Asparagus Lightly Sautéed in Olive Oil & Garlic

Coffee, Tea
Fresh berries and wedding cake

Late night menu for 50
Repeat mini burgers and serve bottles of miller high life, coca-cola and seltzer water

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theoldgraymare said...

OK: This is about food:

Having done this several tinmes, the old gray mare suggests:

1. Drop most appetizers, maybe just:
-great breads and sweet butter
-roasted asparagus to be eaten with fingers, room temp.

2. Drop crackers: very expensive for what you get

3.Chanterelles will probably be out of season, maybe dried will work resusitated?

4. Save $ and don't stuff the portabellos (just BBQ them)but have a platter as a choice. Cut back lamb and salmon?

5. Wild rice as a pilaf: it would be a small proportion of the rice mix, maybe 25% or even less.

6.Add fresh chopped parsley on the red potatoes. Maybe rosemary.

7. Dessert: something really country like peach cobbler. Berries with cream, not even whipped.

8. Cake: I still love a couples cutting cake for the royalty and cupcakes for the rest of us, lots of them but see below.

9. Late night food: mini lamb burgers there OR hot dogs or SAUSAGES IN BUNS: lamb, beef, chicken? with sauerkraut, good mustard, etc. Good Oregon beer : kind of Polish and German.More cupcakes? or maybe this is where cupcakes first appear?

10. All food waste composts locally or goes to hog farm or something like that of course.

11. Some champagne? Any chocolate?

the end