Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress for $12.99?

How would this look on a summer day with cowboy boots? Or maybe this in dark blue? Or maybe this two or three different ways. I can buy these dresses right now at the Gap for 12.99 and I can buy an extra one and each of my BMs can take one and have it altered to the way they like it. They could add straps, or a strap, or cut off the top of the blue one and put it on the bottom of the black one. Or add a side rose to it.

For the money, it's a pretty nice dress. It's silk and cotton blend. Naturally the bust is not made that well. It would need some good foundation to ensure that it stays up and in place for severa hours but I think it's a fun alternative and very cool if I can actually buy them for my BMs. This was not something that I put into my budget but perhaps my BMs would appreciate the dress as a gift instead of a monogrammed hanky. BMs?

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aloha said...

do you have BMs? how about FGs and RBs? Just wondering, because I know some who are looking for work.