Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Send an STD or Not

That's the question. I really wanted to send an elegant save the date (STD) to get people excited about the wedding. I wanted to send a custom bandanna with a hand drawn map of Oregon that points out all of the places of interest for our guests to see, well the ones from out of Oregon. But, I decided that I really need to get the STD out ASAP because, once again, I feel like all I am doing and thinking when I am not at work is WEDDING. And that's not as much fun as I thought it would be. I need to pass a proverbial wedding stone and buy myself some time. If I can get the save the dates out this month then I will have at least a month to just chill out and enjoy the DC winter and the upcoming transition. Oh, and we just moved, so I really don't feel like I have much of a life right now. I am either looking for a dress or unpacking boxes.

So, I have decided to send an email save the date to everyone who has an email and include the link to our wedding website. This is pretty much everyone except my grandparents. For them and a few others, I will print out what I designed myself in Adobe Illustrator. I basically taught myself that program and learned how to send an HTML email this weekend. I estimate that we will be saving approximately $200 by not sending a save the date to everyone (including postage). And how many trees will I save? Hmm. .1 maybe. I will have to research that.

For the wedding website, I decided to go with because they do have a simple two color template with no frilly anything, which is what I wanted. We, I mean, I, was able to post all sorts of info for out of towners there. And that's the real reason I feel pressure to get the STD out--because I want people to start booking their rooms and to start reserving the date on their calendar--because it's going to be SO FUN.

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