Thursday, January 8, 2009

A veil without a dress?

It was a great deal--a much better deal than the dresses I tried on today at Hitched in DC. Actually their sample sale was probably a great deal but the only dress I really liked was still $1900 so I decided to go out for a drink instead thinking that alcohol would either calm my nerve s and then I would not go buy it or it would make me loose with the old VISA and I would go buy it. Before leaving the shop, I couldn't resist a sweet little veil from Modern Vintage. From what they told me "it was a steal". I read somewhere recently from an offbeat bride that she knew she couldn't afford to buy a couture dress unless she was going to sell it, but she wanted to make sure she had a part of her wedding outfit as a keepsake and a family heirloom. She said she was going to make her hairpiece that item. I think it's a nice idea.

I may not even wear the veil. I am not really veil material in my mind, never know.

Here is the newest dream[on] dress from Suzanne Ermann. Urr. Well, I like the hoop skirt and modern take on Victorian. So fun compared to those boring dresses I see everywhere.

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